How media manipulate Alexander Lukashenko’s words about peacekeepers


212121Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s interview to the TV channel Euronews on October 1, 2014 was the focus of media attention long before its official publication. It is well known that media need sensation to survive. If there is no sensation, they make it themselves by using proven tactics of manipulating information.

An overwhelming number of the questions the Belarus President was asked touched upon the situation in Ukraine. The head of state shared his vision of the reasons that had brought about the acute domestic policy crisis in Ukraine, including the armed confrontation in Ukraine’s southeast.

But some media representatives used the newsworthy event and snatched the words out of context. The result was the appearance on Internet of articles about Belarusian President readiness to send soldiers in Ukraine.

The fact is Alexander Lukashenko said about the opportunity to send a military contingent to Ukraine only under certain conditions: Ukraine’s willingness, the mandate of the United Nations, respect for national laws and the consent of soldiers. However, due to Ukraine bloodshed such actions at the moment are unlikely. The aim of such articles is either to transform the message of the President or just to attract the readers. The best way for readers is to refer to the original text of the interview and make their own conclusions.

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