NATO flexes muscles in Lithuania


201411103_as2014_openingceremony_rukla_l.ambrozeviciute_photo_029One of the largest NATO military exercises in Lithuania this year Iron Sword 2014 has been finished on Friday. The event involved more than 2,5 thousand troops and 300 military vehicles from 9 NATO member states.

The official goal of the exercise was to enhance the defence of Lithuania and the Baltic States, improve interoperability of allied troops and prepare for various military scenarios. The exercise also served to test preparedness of the armed forces for standby in the NATO Response Force (NRF). It should be noted that the national status for the maneuvers had been changed to multinational NATO.

Many analytics also link this exercise with recent statements of NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (SACEUR) General Philip M. Breedlove about the need to provide additional forces to the alliance “in connection with the allegedly non-stopping Russian threat”.

According to the Lithuanian president “just as other NATO countries, Lithuania should be ready to face challenges, or sometimes unpredictable neighbors.” It is absolutely clear what countries she meant. And it is obvious that the course NATO member states have chosen will hardly make the situation in Europe safer.

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