Faster and shorter means better in the Lithuanian Army


222Starting in 2015, Lithuania’s Armed Forces will enrol young men and women who meet requirements, even if they do not have initial military training, the Ministry of National Defence said.

«We are making the procedures of enrolment in professional military service faster and shorter to improve the manning of military units. As compared with last year, we will additionally enrol 450 professional troops to the Lithuanian army this year,» Defence Minister Juozas Olekas says.

After starting service in military units, recruits without initial military training will be directed to basic military training, which will ensure them a certain salary and all social benefits professional troops are eligible for.

Such candidates will sign their first contract of professional military service for two years, while those with initial military training and willing to become professionals will have to conclude the contract for four years, as the case is now.

In the past, people willing to join professional military service had to complete basic military training and then apply for service in the Lithuanian army and pass a medical check-up.

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