Washington is pushing Kiev to a new blitz in southeast Ukraine


50Throughout the course of its history America has never witnessed large-scale bloody wars beginning with the times the Indians were invaded by the Europeans. This might be the reason why today`s America is so willing to rule the world at all hazards. Washington-incited armed conflict in southeast Ukraine has already reached staggering proportions on a national scale turning into a real tragedy for the Ukrainian people. What is more, the conflict may extend beyond the national borders at any moment.

Despite long rounds of top-level negotiations the current situation in Ukraine is similar to that of autumn 2014 when the results of Minsk-1 talks failed to halt fighting between the warring parties only making the hostilities less intense. At that time Ukrainian military used the period of truce to prepare themselves for the winter campaign. What we see now is that none of the Minsk-2 conditions has been fulfilled except for the withdrawal of heavy weapons (although with registered violations).

Kiev authorities unilaterally sabotage the Minsk agreements. Interviewed by the German press Ukraine`s prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that Ukraine was forced to sign the Minsk-2 agreement. According to Yatsenyuk “there were two options, the former being bad and the latter even worse and Ukraine chose the least of the two evils.” Today the fulfillment of the agreement on the part of Ukraine has been suspended and is “up in the air”, he added.

Ukraine`s prime-minister also believes that elections cannot be held in the Donbass region in accordance with the Ukrainian law as the territory “is occupied by the militia groups” which actually means that Arseniy Yatsenyuk does not recognize the region`s right for self-determination. At the same time the prime-minister insists that Ukraine “is ready to follow each letter of the agreement” and “won`t let anyone blame itself”. In practice, however, the steps made by the Ukrainian officials suggest the opposite.

As a result of the ongoing mobilization the personnel strength of the Ukrainian army is expected to reach 250 thousands. State defense order for the year 2015 adopted in February sees a sixfold increase (as compared to the previous year) in financing and provides for the production and acquisition of new types of weapon, both foreign and domestic. Petro Poroshenko when inspecting the latest national defense achievements at a military training range on March 4, 2015 said: War is our contribution to the functioning of defense companies. Demand for weapons has made it possible for defense companies to create new work places as well as to function in three shifts. According to the President, tanks and armoured personnel carriers help fight unemployment. It`s a well-known fact that a number of Ukrainian oligarchs and industrial magnates also make huge profits out of continuing hostilities in southeast Ukraine which certainly doesn`t apply to common Ukrainians.

Nevertheless, experts say there`s a growing tendency of peaceful resolution to the armed conflict. According to the recent Research & Branding Group opinion poll, the number of anti-terrorist operation supporters in the Ukrainian society has decreased by 5% from February to March 2015. For the first time the number of forceful resolution backers is 47% no matter how hard the Kiev authorities try.

It has become evident that more and more European leaders have come to realize the danger of having a hot spot close to European borders. The EU is suffering great losses as a result of policy of sanctions to its largest eastern partner under the US pressure. Active involvement of French and German leaders in Minsk negotiations and their denial to supply lethal weapon speak for themselves. Besides, the latest EU assembly ended with the decision to prolong sanctions against Russia only till April, 15. Further steps will be taken based on Minsk agreement fulfillment. It looks like Europe has agreed that in the near future the Crimea will remain within Russian borders and no serious thought will be given to the issue of its return to Ukraine. It means that in case the situation in the Donbass region improves the sanctions are likely to be lifted at least partially.

America`s approach to the resolution to the conflict is, however, completely different. Back in 2014 Washington declared as an ultimatum that sanctions against Russia may only be lifted once the Crimea is returned to Ukraine and support to the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic is no longer provided. A former United States Army major general Robert Scales in his interview to Fox News shared his own plan to settle the Ukrainian crisis and went even further. “The recipe is simple: kill the alleged Russian soldiers roaming eastern Ukraine”, he said. This certainly can be put down to mental age-related changes. However, the remark made by the retired general remained unnoticed by American authorities which means that a number of top US officials (for instance, senator John McCain) share his opinion and peaceful crisis settlement in Ukraine is out of the question. Washington needs crisis continuation to create Russia`s image of the world aggressor. Stratfor analysts suggest three scenarios as to crisis development is concerned. According to the first one the militia groups accompanied by Russian troops move to Kiev, the second one – along the seaside to Odessa and the third one – to the Crimea border. All three scenarios are aggressive and are carried out with Russian involvement. That makes the US position to the issue crystal clear.

America`s European protégées such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland share US vision of the situation completely. In an attempt to strengthen their credibility within NATO as US closest allies they hold to the most aggressive position possible and advocate crisis settlement by force. It is in these countries that US instructors conducted training of Maidan activists and neo-Nazi bands at special US-funded camps.Ultra-nationalist battalion fighters are notorious for their cruelty in relation to hostages and civilian population.

Dmytro Yarosh, leader of Ukranian neo-Natzi band “Right Sector” and member of the Ukrainian parliament, declared that he personally as well as his organization “refuse to recognize the recent Minsk agreement” and that “they intend to continue fighting in the Donbass region by all means”. Moreover, initially formed as illegal armed groups these battalions have been recognized officially and their leader currently occupies the position of advisor to Ukraine`s chief of general staff!

Following the orders from the USA Kiev as well as Poland and the Baltic States has already started to rewrite history. Declarations that Belgrade and Oświęcim as well as the whole of Europe was liberated by Ukrainian and not Soviet soldiers made by US ambassador to Serbia Michael D. Kirby and polish foreign minister Grzegorz Schetyna were approvingly confirmed by Ukrainian officials.

Thus the status quo is such that the Kiev authorities are shuffling time whereas the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic are displaying willingness to compromise to establishing peace. Neither the condition of the Ukrainian army, nor the moral state of the population as well as the current social and economic background give confidence to Kiev that the forceful settlement will be a success. However, their US sponsors` interest is to retain the conflict, at least a simmering one. Their aim is world hegemony and the Ukrainian people are treated as coins to exchange. To achieve this aim they are ready to rewrite history and to revive fascism. They have learnt the rule – divide and rule – well, however they have completely neglected the law of history that every empire comes to an end sooner or later.

The saying has it that there never was a good war or a bad peace. And in order to retain peace it is mandatory to implement the agreements for a start.

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