Poland chooses US Patriot air defense systems for its missile defense


1Poland has chosen the supplier for its national missile defense system. According to the country’s Defense Ministry, it is the US company Raytheon, the manufacturer of Patriot air defense missile systems.

«The US proposal has been found to be more profitable from the viewpoint of Poland’s security and implementation of commitments within NATO framework. Patriot systems are used in several countries,» the ministry said.

Taking part in the tender was the Italian-French Eurosam corporation that manufactures the SANP/T systems. The Defense Ministry said one of important criteria in the selection of the air defense systems was their capability to resist Russian Iskander missile systems.

The project to form a national missile defense system in Poland is called Wisla. It envisions acquisition of eight medium-range air defense system batteries. Each of them will be equipped with GEM-T and PAC-3 MSE missiles. The Defense Ministry did not mention their quantity.

The signing of the contract is scheduled for 2016. Within three years after signing, the supplier should provide two batteries of one of available versions to Poland. The target configuration with a radar should appear in the republic in 2022-2025.

According to experts, the Wisla project will cost Warsaw 10-12 billion zlotys ($2.8-3.4 billion).

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