A test of territorial defense started in Gomel Oblast


9According to the Ministry of Defence, a test of the system designed to bolster the security of the Belarusian border in the southern direction and territorial defense in Gomel Oblast began in Belarus on 2 June.

The Belarus president has given instructions to test in practice the effectiveness of the border security enhancement system in the southern direction as well as territorial defense in one of the country’s oblasts. The test is a planned event and is part of the organizational measures designed to bolster the security of the Belarusian border in the south. A similar test relating to the protection of the state border was carried out in 2014. The Mozyr border service division was created as a result of the work.

To counter growing threats to border security measures have been worked out to beef up the number of assets employed to protect the state border by using Belarusian army units and putting territorial border service units to a higher alert.

The chairman of the State Border Committee, the defense minister, and the interior minister received the relevant instructions of the Belarus president on 2 June. In accordance with the instructions it is supposed to take measures to gradually bolster the protection of the state border in the southern direction. Border service units will be set up as well as a territorial defense HQ in Yelsk District, Gomel Oblast, an independent rifle company of the territorial forces in Yelsk and units of the Interior Ministry’s interior troops in Mozyr in order to protect an important territorial defense site.

Attention will be focused on testing the gradual enhancement of the state border in the southern direction with forces and means of the border service, assigned units of the Belarusian army, territorial forces and the mobilized resources of the border service. Interaction between agencies concerned will be organized to carry out missions as part of the common state border protection concept.

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