Chinese airborne troops head for Belarus for drill


£¨¾üÊ¡¤Í¼ÎÄ»¥¶¯£©£¨1£©¡°ÉñÓ¥¡ª2012¡±Öйú°×¶íÂÞ˹¿Õ½µ±ø·´¿ÖÁªÑµ×ÛºÏÑÝÁ·³É¹¦¾ÙÐÐA Chinese airborne special forces squad on Monday left for Belarus for a joint anti-terrorism drill training, a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force spokesman said.

Shen Jinke said this was the third such drill between the air forces of China and Belarus after a 10-day exercise in July 2011, followed by a 12-day drill the year after.

Shen said the drills would «consolidate the traditional friendship between the two countries, deepen military exchanges and cooperation, and enrich the comprehensive strategic partnership.»

He said the PLA Air Force will «continue to expand cooperation with its foreign peers in order to address challenges and crises.»

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