Belarus-Russia-Serbia paratrooper exercise in Novorossiysk in Q3 2015


001628_00000083421Paratroopers from Belarus, Russia and Serbia will gather in Novorossiysk for a joint exercise, commander of the special operations forces of the Belarusian Armed Forces Major-General Vadim Denisenko told a press briefing, BelTA has learned.

«A battalion of our 103rd brigade will take part in the tripartite exercise of Belarus, Russia and Serbia. We will go their by rail, and join the paratroopers from Russian and Serbia for the drill in the mountain testing range,» said Vadim Denysenko.

In his words, the exercise will include landing, river crossing, shooting in mountains, staff transportation on big assault landing ships. “The Russian side is preparing a lot of events. I think it will be interesting and useful for us,” he added.

As was informed, the joint exercise of paratroopers is scheduled for Q3 2015.

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