Belarus may host some competitions of International Army Games in 2016


8781Some competitions of the International Army Games may be held in Belarus next year, Colonel Alexei Tregub, the head of the Belarusian delegation at the First Military Games in Russia, the head of the office of the main department for combat training of the Armed Forces of Belarus, told reporters, BelTA has learned.
«This issue is being studied. This is quite feasible. Russia showed an example how to do this. But I cannot say now what competitions we may host if the decision is taken to stage some competitions I other countries,» said Alexei Tregub.
According to him, the idea of hosting the army games entirely in Belarus is not on the agenda. «We are still not ready. This is a young movement, and there are many issues that need to be solved,» said Alexei Tregub. For example, it is necessary to solve the problems with the provision of equipment for those who cannot bring theirs to Belarus and the provision of equipment for training grounds for every competition.
Belarus took part in nine competitions. It placed second in two events and third in all others. Belarus did well in the competition for the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection «Safe Environment» and competition «Air Defense battle”.
The First International Army Games are held at 11 training grounds of the Western, Southern and Central Military Districts of Russia on 1-15 August. The games gathered 57 teams from 17 countries. Competitions are held in 14 disciplines.

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