Belarus, Russia Start Development of New Air Defense System


2Belarus and Russia have started joint development of a new short-range air defense system to replace the outdated Strela-10M systems currently in service with the Russian and the Belarusian armed forces, Belarusian Deputy Defense Minister Maj. Gen. Igor Lotenkov said.

“The work is being carried out in the framework of the [Russia-Belarus] Union State. The project involves the development of a short-range air defense system,” Lotenkov told.

The general added that the Strela-10M system was developed in early 1970’s and does not meet current air defense requirements.

Belarus is expecting the delivery of the first six Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopters from Russia under the 2015 contract by the end of 2016, Igor Lotenkov said.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry signed a contract with Russian Helicopters during the Army-2015 forum in June on the supply of 12 Mi-8MTV-5 military transport helicopters.

«As to the implementation of the contract on the supply of Mi-8MTV-5 helicopters, signed at the Army-2015 forum, we are planning to finalize the first stage – the delivery of six helicopters – by the end of 2016,» Lotenkov said in an interview.

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