Russian chief security official warns Kiev against resuming warfare


3Russian Security Council’s Secretary Nikolay Patrushev has warned Kiev authorities against resuming hostilities in eastern regions of Ukraine.

«Both Ukraine and the forces currently governing the country from the outside should realize that the resumption of hostilities leads to further decline in the Ukrainian economy, a greater number of hostilities, destruction of infrastructure and affects negatively the regional and international situation,» he told reporters.

Patrushev noted that «the Ukrainian authorities were attempting time and again to resolve the problem of Donbas by force.» «The truce in Ukraine signed in Minsk in February is not observed by Kiev,» he said. «Kiev uses heavy weapons, which should have long been withdrawn from the line of contact.» Patrushev said the solution of the problem by force had no prospects, it «only leads to new victims among civilians.»

According to the Secretary of the Security Council, the official Kiev is not trying to find a way out of the situation. Moreover, «it justifies its actions by saying that Ukraine is fighting for its sovereignty and integrity as well as for freedom, democracy and security in the entire Europe.» «It is impossible not to notice a characteristic detail — as soon as the progress in the peaceful settlement is in the offing, as soon as a chance emerges to achieve a political agreement, the forces interested in the disruption of the peace process and the continuation of war immediately step up their activities,» Patrushev added.

Patrushev pointed out that the Normandy Four should continue efforts on the Ukrainian conflict resolution.

«It is necessary to provide the necessary conditions for the fulfillment of Minsk agreements aimed at the step-by-step conflict settlement,» he said.

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