Belarusian army unit in Beijing parade


153_5A unit of the Belarusian army took part in the military parade that took place in Beijing on 3 September to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory in the war against Japan and the end of World War Two, BelTA has learned.

It was the first time that foreign military personnel took part in a military parade in China.

The Belarusian army was represented by the guard of honor company, which included flag bearers, officers, and 70 men on foot in a box formation.

The Russian army was represented by 85 military personnel of the 154th Preobrazhensky Regiment.

A lot of Belarusians served in those divisions of the Soviet army that beat the Kwantung Army in 1945 to accelerate Japan’s surrender and the end of World War Two. Out of the 87 soldiers and officers, who were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union title for those combat operations, five were natives of Belarus.

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