CIS air defense exercise successful


1025876584Participants of the live-fire exercise Combat Commonwealth 2015 for the united CIS air defense system have successfully accomplished their missions, BelTA has learned.

The active phase of the third stage of the Combat Commonwealth 2015 exercise ended in the Russian exercise area Ashuluk on 10 September. During the exercise various tactical episodes were played out with regard to the joint deployment of the coalitional air force and air defense units of the CIS states in collective security areas during counter-terrorism operations and armed conflicts.

In particular, the united CIS air defense system units practiced tactical actions to stop the enemy’s air recon operations and prevent terrorist groups, weapons and materiel from being transported by air. The troops also practiced ways to repulse massed and solitary missile and air strikes directed against defense installations, the infrastructure and the personnel.

A complicated target environment was prepared to simulate a combat situation that resembles the real one as closely as possible. State-of-the-art missiles were used to imitate the enemy’s high-precision weaponry.

The Belarusian army was represented by two air defense missile batteries of the 120th brigade and two air defense missile batteries of the 15th brigade as well as five MiG-29 fighter jets of the 61st airbase. About 400 Belarusian military personnel took part in the exercise.

The live-fire exercise Combat Commonwealth 2015 gathered air defense units from the armies of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. A total of some 4,000 military personnel and 200 combat vehicles and weapon systems were involved in the exercise.

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