Belarus-Russia exercise in counteroffensive phase


7The phase to practice the development of the counteroffensive operation and securing the results has begun as part of the Belarusian-Russian tactical military exercise Union Shield 2015, BelTA learned from the united press center of the Belarusian and Russian armed forces.

On 15 September units of the Belarusian and Russian armies will work together to find the simulated illegally armed band for the sake of blocking and destroying it.

Using exercise areas in Russia units of the 11th independent mechanized brigade of the Belarusian army will practice flanking maneuvers to block the enemy’s counterattacks followed by the deployment of the counteroffensive forces. Units of the 6th independent mechanized brigade will march to designated areas to restore combat effectiveness. At the same time air force units will provide support to the counteroffensive operations staged by the motorized infantry and tank units. The air force units will also practice ways to secure air supremacy.

Personnel of the 382nd independent mobile battalion of the 38th guards independent mobile brigade are working together with Russian paratroopers as a tactical force that has been airlifted and landed to secure an important area in order to facilitate the counteroffensive operation meant to recover control over temporarily lost territories.

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