National security in Belarus in for comprehensive review


00The state of affairs in the national security and the development prospects for the law enforcement system will be analyzed in a comprehensive way in Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko said at the session to discuss the development of national security agencies on 10 November, BelTA has learned.

Alexander Lukashenko stressed that it is essential to have a comprehensive look at the national security system. In particular, it is important to know whether the system can promptly respond to today’s threats. It is also important to find out if the law enforcement bodies are prepared for all kinds of scenarios in the world, if they can forecast and forestall possible negative consequences, the head of state said. “In this context, all agencies must be effective in coping with the existing tasks and have the strategies of operation,” Alexander Lukashenko said.

Therefore, the President urged all agencies to prepare concrete plans of action. According to Alexander Lukashenko, first of all, heads of these agencies should determine long-term and short-term development prospects of their organizations. The President also focused on the need to optimize resources used to ensure the smooth operation of law enforcement bodies in the country. “We are not that rich to keep an excessive number of law enforcement staff. We cannot oversimplify the system either. Otherwise, when understaffed the system will be inefficient,” Alexander Lukashenko warned. Addressing the participants of the session, Alexander Lukashenko said that he would like them to take a fresh look at the operation of their agencies.

The President demanded more cost-effective means of solving existing issues and higher quality, Alexander Lukashenko said. “It is necessary to get rid of excessive and sometimes artificial functions, including supervisory ones, prevent the duplication of certain functions of different agencies,” the President continued. Alexander Lukashenko believes it is inadmissible when auditors visit enterprises one after another and create additional obstacles instead of doing their best to improve the situation in the economy.

The President said he would like to understand if the officials present at the meeting are ready to lead the agencies amid rapidly changing conditions. “At the end of the session we need to determine the concrete ways of developing the country’s law enforcement system, to reconsider the tasks which have been assigned to the law enforcement system in general and to every national security agency in particular,” the head of state said.

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