Downed Russian jet in focus of extraordinary session of CSTO Permanent Council


3An extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) took place in Moscow on 25 November upon the initiative of the Russian side. The session was held to discuss the Russian military jet shot down by the Turkish air force, CSTO Press Secretary Vladimir Zainetdinov told BelTA. According to the source, during the session an official representative of the General Staff of the Russian army presented a detailed report covering the incident.

The report presented photos and videos to describe how a Turkish F-16 fighter jet shot down the Russian aircraft Su-24 in the territory of Syria. According to the Russian army’s General Staff, the Russian jet was flying 1km away from the Turkish border without violating Turkish airspace. The Russian aircraft fell from the sky 4km away from the border while the Turkish aircraft disappeared in the Turkish territory after firing the rocket that hit the Russian aircraft.

The Russian pilots chose to eject. One of them was shot down by fire from the ground. The other one was rescued and is safe. The CSTO Press Secretary stated that the incident is viewed as a most blatant violation of international law with gravest consequences, a direct violation of the memorandum on preventing incidents and on securing safe flights in Syria. The memorandum has been signed with the USA and is applicable to all the countries of the coalition, including Turkey. On 24 November the CSTO Permanent Council met for a regular session. While talking about the international situation in light of events in Syria and the terrorist attacks in Paris, participants of the session spoke in favor of consolidating efforts of the entire international community in the joint fight against terrorism because they view the spread of terrorism as a common challenge for all countries and decisively condemn all manifestations of terrorism as a threat to international security.

The CSTO Press Secretary went on saying: “It was stressed that the incident happened at a time when the entire international community puts serious efforts into resolving the Syrian conflict by peaceful means. Participants of the session drew attention to the seriousness of the event. Such incidents must not be repeated in the future.”

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