Makei: Belarus has a positive image in international arena


7Over the years of its sovereignty, Belarus has built a positive image in the international arena, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei said during his meeting with young Belarusian diplomats at the ministry on 17 December, BelTA has learned. Over the twenty years of sovereignty, Belarus has become recognized around the world. Today it is associated with something positive, Vladimir Makei noted.

The country makes a considerable contribution to global stability and security. Belarusian diplomats have played their part in today’s achievements and success. Vladimir Makei reminded young people that the People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs was established on 17 December 95 years ago. All Ministers of Foreign Affairs of sovereign Belarus, including Pyotr Kravchenko, Vladimir Senko, Ivan Antonovich, Ural Latypov, Mikhail Khvostov, and Sergei Martynov, were invited to celebrate this occasion at the ministry on 17 December.

Vladimir Makei emphasized that all of them greatly contributed to the development of the Belarusian state. During the event, the diplomats shared their experience with their young colleagues.

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