Parties to Ukraine conflict to make another attempt in Minsk



Parties to the Ukraine conflict will make another attempt to achieve a ceasefire starting from 14 January, OSCE special representative in the trilateral contact group on Ukraine Martin Sajdik said on 13 January, BelTA has learned.

“Our work in Minsk is running against the backdrop of worsening relations between Russia and Ukraine. This fact has a considerable effect on the situation. I feel sad that my Christmas wishes regarding a regime of silence did not come true. Today Boris Gryzlov suggested that parties to the conflict should make another attempt, and all the participants in the meeting agreed with him,” Martin Sajdik said.

The diplomat explained that this agreement will become effective starting from 14 January. Martin Sajdik also added that the work on one of the twelve priority demining zones has already been finished. A fully respected ceasefire will play a crucial role in this. For its part, the Ukrainian side praised the working group on economic affairs for the results of today’s meeting. Darya Olifer, spokesperson for Leonid Kuchma, said that work in underway to restore the railway infrastructure and the power supply system in Donbass.

Besides, a mechanism for repayment of water utility bill debts to Ukrainian companies in some districts of Lugansk Oblast has been developed. “The mechanism is in compliance with the Ukrainian law. It was developed keeping in mind Russia’s guarantees regarding the repayment of these debts,” Darya Olifer pointed out.

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