Belarus MoD refutes Ukraine’s allegation on Russia’s deployment military planes in Babruysk



The Belarusian Defense Ministry has vehemently denied Ukraine’s claim that Russian military aircraft were sent to the Belarusian city of Babruysk.

Russia has deployed its military cargo aircraft, Su-27 fighters and combat helicopters at the airfield in Babruysk, Oleksandr Turchynov, Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense, said on Facebook

 “The information is untrue,” Uladzimir Makarau, a representative of the Defense Ministry.

In September 2015, Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian defense department to conduct negotiations on the deployment of a Russian airbase in Belarus and authorized the ministry to sign the corresponding agreement. But shortly before the presidential election in Belarus in October, president Alyaksandr Lukashenka said that the deployment of a Russian airbase in Belarus had never been discussed…

“Our opposition has been wailing about the deployment of a Russian airbase in Belarus lately. I know nothing about such plans. I am the man in charge of making such decisions and I know nothing about such plans.We don’t need a base these days. We don’t need military air forces either. We need certain weapons. It is what I’ve been saying to Putin and earlier to Medvedev,” he said.

After winning the election, Lukashenka reiterated that there was no need in a Russian airbase deployed in the Belarusian territory, but expressed his readiness to ‘protect Moscow’.

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