Belarus’ General Staff to start working on Armed Forces’ image



The main operational command of the General Staff will start developing the image of the Armed Forces of Belarus till 2030, BelTA learned from the Defense Ministry. “Plans have been made to start designing the image of the Armed Forces till 2030 and the conceptual vision of their development this year,” the representatives of the ministry said.

They also added that since its establishment in 2002, the main operational command of the General Staff has been taking part in the preparations for virtually all army events. The year 2016 will be eventful, too. “The organization and development of the Armed Forces is a continuous process. Therefore, the work in all fields will be continued, especially in the application of cutting-edge warfare methods, the improvement of forms and means of using units, the development of theoretical and practical army management taking into account the future image of the Armed Forces.

We will conduct various exercises involving operational command officers,” BelTA learned from the Defense Ministry. The priority task is to make the Armed Forces fit to respond to any situation in the future. To implement this task the main areas have been defined for the next five years: optimization of the operational strength and numerical strength of the Armed Forces as intended tasks are clarified; re-equipment of the army with the emphasis on control systems, surveillance, information warfare, electronic warfare, air defense, missile and artillery troops, and special operations forces.

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