Defence Ministry Started Mobilization Of Reservists



Operational readiness events have started in the Armed Forces.

That has been informed by the press-service of the Defence Ministry of Belarus.

“Mobilization resources are supplies from military registration and enlistment offices of Minsk, Vitsebsk and Hrodna regions,” – the defence ministry specified.

In the permanent garrisons of military units transfer to the highest degrees of combat readiness with drafting persons liable for military service from reserve continues. Besides, weapons, military equipment and special vehicles are removed from long storage.

“Provision of material needs and equipment support for the military units, which are carrying out their missions, is performed on a full scale,” – the Defence Ministry stressed.

Besides, commanders and headquarters of military units, in which combat readiness test is carried out, have embarked on planning of the use of subordinate units, organization of control, interaction and comprehensive support.

As informed earlier, the demonstration tactical military exercise is held in Mahilyou region. Belarusian military are repulsing attacks of imaginary subversives.

In Brest airborne forces were training to defend the city with live firing. According to the scenario, an illegal armed group had crossed the border and consolidated within the city.

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