U.S. politologist: NATO countries should understand Belarus’ role in their security



The NATO countries should understand that Belarus plays a big role in their security, President of the Jamestown Foundation (United States) Glen Howard said during the international conference, Understanding Belarus Security, held on 5 May in Minsk as part of the non-government expert initiative Minsk Dialogue, BelTA has learned. “The NATO countries, including Baltic states and neutral states such as Sweden and Finland, should understand that Belarus plays a big role in their security,” said Glen Howard.

The U.S. expert is confident that in developing cooperation with Belarus western countries should take into account its independence and sovereignty, as well as the balance the country keeps between the two centers of power. In his words, Belarus’ geopolitical level has recently increased and continues its upward movement. “We believe that the improvement of relations with the United States will lead to the expansion and strengthening of the dialogue between Belarus and the European Union,” the political scientist said.

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