Belarus ratifies CSTO military and transportation documents



Belarusian MPs ratified a package of military and transportation documents of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) at a meeting of the ninth session on 25 May, BelTA has learned. One of the documents is the agreement on cooperation between the CSTO member states in the transportation of military and other formations, their portable property and military products. According to Belarus’ Deputy Defense Minister Sergei Potapenko, the document was signed in Tajikistan on 15 September 2015.

The document spells out cooperation between the countries in planning and conducting transportation through the territory of the non-member-state to the agreement. Belarusian MPs also ratified the protocol to prolong the validity of the agreement to develop the unified system of railway technical protection in the CSTO member states and its amending. The 10-year agreement was signed in 2006. The parties to the agreement decided to prolong it to the period of validity of the Collective Security Treaty of 15 May 1992. According to Sergei Potapenko, the document will be amended in part related to technical protection and reconstruction of railways, payment for medical services and the exchange of confidential information.

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