Plans for CIS-wide military satellite communication system unveiled




A draft agreement on using military-purpose satellite communication systems and their further improvement will be discussed at a meeting of experts in Minsk on 21-22 June, the press service of the CIS Executive Committee told BelTA.

In line with the document the military satellite-powered communication systems will be used and improved for the sake of increasing the reliability of control over armed forces and for organizing interaction between military units. Plans have been made to create an integrated CIS military communication systems powered by satellites on the basis of national segments, said the press service. For the sake of unifying approaches to creating such a system the Russian Defense Ministry will help the defense ministries of the countries parties to the agreement to develop the design documents and operating instructions for the sake of making the national segments compatible.

R&D work for the sake of improving spaceborne systems and military satellite communication systems will be performed by research and development institutions as well as industrial enterprises using the existing manufacturing cooperation links.

For the sake of pursuing a unified technical policy the sides will inform each other in a timely manner about planned changes in the organizational and technical structure of the military satellite communication systems and will take measures to improve them.

The implementation of the document will be coordinated by the CIS Defense Ministers Council. After the document is agreed by experts, it will be submitted for consideration of the CIS Heads of Government Council.

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