In Belarus comes into force a law on alternative service



Military service can be replaced by alternative only on religious grounds.

“The law provides for the right of a citizen to apply for replacement of military alternative service for religious reasons”, — explained the Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of the Republic Igor Starovoitov.

It is noted that people should not only declare their willingness to perform alternative service instead of military, but also properly to justify its request. The law does not provide for automatic recognition of the right to replacement of military service alternative.

Starovoitov explained that the statement should outline the reasons for the person to ask about replacing military service with alternative. The application shall be accompanied by the curriculum vitae and other materials that can serve as a confirmation of the information contained in the statement.

Thus, alternative service can be sent to citizens subject to conscription for military service in reserve, fit state of health and physical development to undergo this service, personally declared that “the adoption of the military oath, carrying, using weapons or direct involvement in the manufacture and maintenance of arms, ammunition and military equipment contrary to their religious beliefs to the extent where it becomes impossible military service”.

However, alternative service is not channeled released in accordance with the law from an appeal on military service, service in the reserve or having the right to defer.

The list of activities for performing alternative service are prescribed by law and fairly wide organizations of health, social services, housing and utilities, agriculture and forestry, as well as organizations involved in landscaping, construction and repair of roads and Railways.

Deviators from alternative service threatens till five years of imprisonment.

For evasion of alternative service is the non-appearance of a citizen without a valid reason to the place of passage of alternative service for a period exceeding three days but not more than a month, including when transferring to another organization or upon arrival from vacation, or evasion from passage of alternative service for the same period by forgery of documents or another deception.

“If the Commission of such violations exceeded a month, that stipulates liability in the form of restriction of liberty for a term up to five years or imprisonment for the same term”, — he said.

According to the military, currently in Belarus, is not observed a large number of people wishing to perform alternative service instead of compulsory military service despite the fact that during each recruiting campaign for military service in the Republic received about 10 thousand people.

As previously reported by RIA Novosti, the defense Minister Andrei Ravkov, citizens wishing to perform alternative service until there are no more than 20.

“Wanting to be directed for passage of alternative service a bit. When carrying out the spring draft 2016 only about 20 people have expressed the idea of replacing military service with alternative… With the entry into force of the law within the prescribed period they will be sent to the agencies for labor, employment and social security for future directions for alternative service,” said Still.

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