Belarusian Military to Participate in International Army Games 2016



The International Army Games 2016 will be held at military ranges in Russia and Kazakhstan from 30 July to 13 August. Representatives of the Belarusian Armed Forces will participate in the event.

Belarusian teams will take part in eight competitions (Aviadarts – competition among air crews; Tank Biathlon – among tank crews; Airborne Platoon – among airborne platoons; Clear Sky – among anti-aircraft artillery and anti-aircraft missile units; Sniper Frontier – among snipers; Safe Route – among units of engineer troops; Keys to the Sky – among anti-aircraft missile units; True Friend – among dog handlers).

The first Belarusian military team set off for Novorossiysk (Russia) to participate in the Airborne Platoon competition. The Belarusian team is a mobile platoon of the 38th Independent Guards Mobile Brigade, Special Operations Forces, led by Guards Senior Lieutenant Dmitry Smychok.

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