Belarus’ central state budget for 2017 to stay people-focused



The central state budget for 2017 will keep its social orientation, BelTA learned from Zinaida Mandrovskaya, Deputy Chairwoman of the Commission for Labor and Social Security of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, after the draft budget for the next year was reviewed on 14 September. Plans have been made to spend 12.1% more on education and 18.5% more on healthcare.

Measures will be taken to ensure the financial stability of the social security fund. The budget will have money to transfer to the social security fund for the sake of paying out welfare assistance, pensions to civil servants and the military, all kinds of welfare benefits, and money to keep in order sport facilities for children and for the general public. The budget will appropriate money to pay social pensions and children’s allowances.

Virtually Br500 million will be apportioned for forming family capital. Zinaida Mandrovskaya underlined that the government will keep the state budget socially oriented without a doubt. “At the same time we still have questions for the government to answer concerning the replenishment of the budget, including the invigoration of the real economy sector,” noted the MP.

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