Russian Iskander-M tactical missile complexes deployed near the Estonian border



Russia’s most advanced tactical missile complexes deployed near the Estonian border.  According to the website of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Iskander-M tactical missile complexes held training on missile strike control at the Luzhsky range.

The tactical exercise was held within the 2016 training year inspection. Command staff of the military district assessed skills of the Iskander-M crews in preparing the complexes for firing against targets, which imitated command centers and radar stations of the simulated enemy, at the distance of several hundreds of kilometers.

The crews conducted long-range marching to the assigned areas, practiced deploying the missile complexes, changing positions, and loading the missiles into the complexes from transport vehicles.

About 100 servicemen and more than 20 pieces of hardware of the formation were involved in the training.

The Iskander-M is a tactical ballistic missile system being manufactured by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise, Design Bureau of Machine Building, for the Russian ground forces. Iskander missiles were first test fired in 1996. The Russian Army acquired the Iskander-M extended-range ballistic missile system in 2006.

The Iskander mobile missile system can engage ground targets such as command posts and communications nodes, troops in concentration areas, air and missile defence facilities and fixed and rotary-wing aircraft at airfields.

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