Belarus counts on Poland’s support in bolstering ties with BSPC



Belarus counts on the support of Poland in strengthening cooperation with the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, Chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko said as he met with Marshal of the Senate of Poland Stanislaw Karczewski.

“The Belarusian Parliament is interested in expanding bilateral and multilateral cooperation. We work closely with the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference, and would like to obtain an observer status in this organization. We hope for the support of the Polish side on this matter,” Vladimir Andreichenko noted.

Minsk will host the OSCE PA meeting on 5-9 July 2017.

The Belarusian side hopes for the close interaction with the parliamentary delegation of Poland during this event. According to Vladimir Andreichenko, much work is ahead on new cooperation agreements.

The existing regulatory framework, which currently features 39 interstate, intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements, does not meet the needs of the two countries, he noted. Stanislaw Karczewski, for his part, noted that in a few days the parties will mark 25 years since Poland recognized the independence of Belarus, and stressed that the border between the two countries should unite rather than divide.

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