Contact group on Ukraine in Minsk agrees another ceasefire Contact group on Ukraine in Minsk agrees another ceasefire



The trilateral contact group on resolving the situation in Ukraine’s east reached an agreement on a ceaseless ceasefire in the conflict zone as from 00:00 on 23 December, BelTA learned from the OSCE’s special representative in the trilateral contact group on Ukraine Martin Sajdik on 20 December.

After the meeting in Minsk Martin Sajdik read out a statement, saying that the contact group and representatives of individual districts of Donetsk Oblast and Lugansk Oblast underlined the need to ensure peace and tranquility in view of the forthcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations. Bearing in mind previous agreements and commitments of the sides, participants of the talks confirmed adherence to observing a comprehensive, stable, and timeless ceasefire as from 00:00 Kiev time on 23 December. The relevant orders will be issued. Disciplinary measures for violating the ceasefire regime will be taken.

The intention to exchange POWs before the Christmas and New Year celebrations in accordance with previous agreements was mentioned as well.

As for the Minsk agreements, participants of the contact group expressed their adherence to fulfilling them in full.

Contact group on Ukraine in Minsk agrees another ceasefireнет шаблона для этого ресурса

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