Belarus to test readiness of territorial defense forces



A readiness test of the territorial defense forces will be arranged in Belarus. Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko gave the relevant instructions during the government conference on territorial defense on 17 February, BelTA has learned. Territorial defense forces will be deployed in Belarus upon the President’s instructions. “I want the State Secretariat to make sure that within a certain timeframe — we have yet to choose that — upon my order we can deploy territorial defense forces in a district, a town or a city, and another territory within an oblast. Let’s see how well territorial defense forces operate,” said Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state noted that plans on deploying the territorial defense forces had been drafted in Belarus, the installations the forces are supposed to protect had been specified. Alexander Lukashenko said he was concerned about different things: “We have the plans, we know the installations, we have done the paperwork, we have people, commanders and so on, but are we ready to utilize the entire territorial defense system in wartime conditions?” In time of peace the territorial defense system is controlled by the General Staff, municipal government agencies, and military registration and enlistment offices.

The President stressed he wants every oblast governor, every mayor to know how they should act, to know rough personnel numbers of their territorial defense forces, to know specific people, who are not officers. Apart from that, the head of state gave instructions to stock up on armaments and other material resources that the territorial defense forces may need. “We should work on it so that every oblast governor would know these things as well as they know the technology of the sowing campaign, for instance,” said Alexander Lukashenko. He added that the same instruction applies to heads of town, city, and district administrations. The President underlined that those of them, who lack the relevant knowledge, will need training while the other ones will need conditions to refresh their knowledge. The entire command structure in municipal government agencies should be brushed up.

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