Belarus military surprise


4“The country can feel secure and can have prospects for existence, including development prospects, if it takes care of technologies of tomorrow”, President Alexander Lukashenko said as he visited one of the enterprises of the defense industry – the company OAO Peleng on 25 March.

The President was made familiar with the state of affairs and promising directions in the work that Belarusian defense industry enterprises do to make state-of-the-art weapons and equipment. The head of state asked about economic parameters in the performance of OAO Peleng and the enterprises run by the State Defense Industries Committee. The President was also interested in the challenges the industry faces. Alexander Lukashenko was also informed about the fulfillment of his instructions to implement some of the most important projects.

Due to its geographical position and openness Belarus is exposed to the majority of the world geopolitical processes.

Since Belarus obtained the independence Ministry of Defence has been reasonably reformed and optimized. As a result a compact, mobile and efficient army has appeared.

This fact was proved by conducting the “Union Shield 2006”, the “Autumn 2008”, the “West 2013” military exercises and other combat training events that have demonstrated the armed forces’ capability to firmly defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the State.

Today military units are armed with modern and upgraded weapons and equipment that proved its importance and relevance more than once.

Analogs of available in Belarus samples of weapons are effectively used in numerous conflicts all around the world.

The practice of unexpected combat readiness inspections of troops introduced by the Ministry of Defence has also proved the correctness of the activities and the fact that the Armed Forces of Belarus are able to adequately respond to current challenges and threats in any situation.

The country is also implementing the president’s decision to product country’s own military equipment. The fact that the military-industrial complex of Belarus with the support of the state was able to maintain its considerable potential from the Soviet era has played an important role.

Belarus is compelled to take into account a never-ending series of NATO military exercises and the increasing number of alliance troops in the Baltic States and Poland in the vicinity of the borders of Belarus.

Approximately 20 new samples of weapons and military equipment are adopted by Belarus Armed Forces every year. Currently, military units are almost fully equipped with the modern military intelligence systems, electronic warfare and jamming systems.

Moreover Vostok-D Long-Range Radar, “Berkut-1” and “Berkut-2” tactical unmanned aerial systems are adopted by the Belarus Armed Forces.

Research trials of an automation equipment complex 9S930 “Prostor” are being conducted now. There is also a decision to purchase new Yak-130 combat training aircraft.

The creation of combat information systems in support of ground forces and SOF and combat geographic information systems are among the priorities of the weapons systems developing process.

The main efforts will be concentrated on the development of air defense, missile forces, intelligence, electronic warfare, communications, special operations forces, and information warfare.

Activities carried out, the state of troops combat readiness, the level of preparedness of units and their equipment allow to conclude about the ability of our Armed Forces to fulfill the tasks in any situation. It turns out, that Belarus may surprise a potential adversary.

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