Belarus’ new military doctrine passes first reading



The House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus passed the first reading of the draft law on the Military Doctrine of the Republic of Belarus on 4 April, BelTA has learned.

According to Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov, the new military doctrine spells out the main areas of the country’s military policy at its current stage of development and will make the basis for all legal acts concerning the issues of military security.

According to the minister, as for today the previous wording of the Military Doctrine has almost fulfilled its strategic purpose. “From the military and political viewpoint considerable changes has taken place in the world, the European region and our state since the time it was adopted and the current doctrine does not take them all into full account,” he said.

Earlier, Andrei Ravkov noted that the Military Doctrine of Belarus has been revised but preserves its defensive thrust. “The Military Doctrine has been completely reconsidered. It is a new document which at the same time preserves its defensive thrust in full. We view no one as our potential enemy and threat no one, but we will defend our interests with all the means we have,” he said.

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