Command and staff exercise of the 38th Independent Guards Mobile Brigade takes place in Brestsky range


7According to the Defense Ministry, in the period of June 2-5 under command of Major General Vadim Denisenko, Commander of the Special Operations Forces, a command and staff exercise of the 38th Independent Guards Mobile Brigade of the Special Operations Forces is to take place in Brestsky range.

Exercise objectives include execution of the decision making process by brigade command for conducting anti-subversive actions. In the course of at the exercise it is planned to test command and control over anti-subversive brigade actions. The brigade will act in cooperation with SOF units according to the perspective organization structure. This structure includes the aviation component (unmanned aircraft systems, close air support helicopters), intelligence and electronic warfare units, use of tracking and searching dogs and new ways of performing tasks of special operations forces’ mobile units.

The emphasis will be made on mobile battalion commanders’ skillful use of all assigned forces and means. Quick changes in the dynamics of the situation are provided to exclude pattern actions of trainees.

Leadership of the Armed Forces and the command of the Special Operations Forces pay great attention to the construction and development of Special Operations Forces, equipping them with new weapons, searching the optimal organizational structure of Special Operations Forces units capable to complete the tasks operating independently, in the shortest time and at any time.

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