CSTO should take into account potential threat of return of azerbaijanis, fighting among terrorists



Member-states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) must clearly affirm the principle of indivisibility of security, Deputy Director of the Caucasus Institute, political scientist Sergey Minasyan noted during the “Collective security threats and ways to reduce them in the CSTO zone of responsibility. Results of CSTO PA Council session” Moscow-Yerevan video bridge, held in International press-center Sputnik-Armenia.

Armenpress reports that according to the political scientist, the indivisibility of security is essential in conditions of various sources of threats for CSTO member-states and there are still a lot of things to do. It is impossible to precisely determine where the border of threat of international terrorism ends in CSTO responsibility zone and where traditional external threats, directed against individual member states, begin Sergey Minasyan emphasized.

Particluarly touching upon the possible threats of international terrorism in the South Caucasus, the political scientist noted that those citizens from a number of post-Soviet countries including Azerbaijan, who fight and take military experience in Syria, can return and cause threats in our region. In this respect, Sergey Minasyan emphasized adequate response and coordination of actions from the side of CSTO states to counter such threats Sergey Minasyan also paid the conference participants’ attention to the fact that the current Russian-Turkish tense relations have an impact on Armenia.

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