CSTO Troops Practice Airstrikes in Tajikistan


1Collective Security Treaty Organization troops are taking part in military training on Monday in Tajikistan.

The CSTO is a military alliance comprising Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

As part of a snap inspection of the alliance’s Collective Rapid Reaction Force, troops are simulating combat with armed groups in mountainous terrain.

Russian ministry of defence reports that according to the exercise scenario, a Russian reconnaissance group on all-terrain vehicles discovers an enemy at a considerable distance from the main force.

In order to prevent the splinter group from rejoining the main enemy force, Su-25 jets (NATO reporting name Frogfoot) carry out airstrikes using unguided rockets.

The ongoing drill includes coordination of electronic warfare units, work on protecting communications, as well as special drills for paratroopers practicing landing in mountain and desert terrain.

The exercise involves more than 2,500 military personnel, about 200 units of weaponry and military equipment, some 20 combat aircraft and helicopters, and 30 military transport aircraft.

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