Lukashenko wins Belarus president election, with 83.49% of the vote


3According to the preliminary results, Alexander Lukashenko won the president election in Belarus, by gaining 83.49% of the vote, chairperson of the Central Election Committee Lidia Yermoshina told reporters, BelTA has learned. More than 6% of voters voted against all candidates. This figure is lower in the regions. For example, in Brest Oblast it was at 4.38%. Tatiana Korotkevich gained 4.42% of the vote, Sergei Gaidukevich — 3.32% and Nikolai Ulakhovich — 1.67%. Lidia Yermoshina once again emphasized that this is the provisional data. The final results will be announced after the regional election commissions and the election commission of the city of Minsk sign the final vote protocols for each candidate.

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