Normandy Four meeting gives Minsk peacekeeping platform status


121212The Normandy Four meeting attached a status of a platform of peacekeeping initiatives to the Belarusian capital, chief research officer of the Political Sphere Institute Alexei Lastovsky told BelTA.

“The Minsk meetings with the participation of the European leaders can be considered an achievement for the Belarusian diplomacy. They have been raised to a qualitatively new level. It has a positive effect on the country’s image, presents Belarus in a positive light and attaches a status of a peacekeeping platform to Minsk,” the expert said.

Accoridng to Alexei Lastovsky, the very fact that the Presidents of the conflicting countries and the leaders of the European Union core met, discussed and signed the agreement is a positive sign. “Now for the whole world it is important how the Minsk agreements will help solve the crisis. The formation of concrete strategies still remains number one task,” he noted.

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