Slovakia thanked for contribution to improvement of Belarus-EU relations

25,11,2016 11,01
I am grateful to Slovakia for the contribution to the improvement of the relations between Belarus and the EU, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said as he met with Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico on 25 November.
“I know what the position of your country was when there was a serious misunderstanding in Europe about Belarus’ policy, about the life in the country and our work. Your country communicated the information about the true situation in Belarus to the EU leadership,” the head of state said. He stressed: “You have done a lot to help normalize the relations with the EU. I am very grateful to you for this.”
Alexander Lukashenko also stressed that Belarus actively cooperates with Slovakia, especially in the field of joint projects. He assured that the Belarusian side will make sure that, with all other conditions being equal, priority is given to Slovak businesses.
The president expressed hope that the visit of the Slovak delegation will become a new stage in the development of relations between Belarus and Slovakia. He said he was ready to discuss all issues important for bilateral cooperation.

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